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About Time: Samsung Unveils Camera With Front Facing LCD

About Time: Samsung Unveils Camera With Front Facing LCD


By David Ponce

You see what all the cool kids are doing these days? Getting drunk and taking regrettable pictures of themselves is what. And Samsung just made the task a little easier with the release of the TL225 and TL220, both of which feature a smaller LCD in front for those times you got no one but yourself to hold the cameras. That’s really the only innovative feature here, although the other specs and features are pretty decent too.

For instance, to turn the camera on you simply touch the LCD at the back, and to delete pictures you swipe an X over them during playback (you have to confirm, so no accidents). There a 3.5 inch LCD for the TL225, and 3.0 for the TL 220. Along with that, you’re looking at a 12.2-megapixel resolution, HDMI output and 4.6x optical zoom, though the lower priced TL 220 loses the HDMI output.

Prices are $350 for TL225 and $250 for TL220.

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