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Apple Reinstates Matte Screen Option On 15-inch MacBook Pro

Apple Reinstates Matte Screen Option On 15-inch MacBook Pro


By Chris Scott Barr

For a long time now, Apple has only offered glossy screens on their notebooks, which has frustrated some people to no end. Apple ended up offering an anti-glare option on their 17-inch MacBook Pros, but not for any of their others. Well today Apple has caved into demands and allowed buyers of 15-inch MacBook Pros to pay an extra $50 for this option.

Personally, I love the glossy screen on my 15-inch unibody MBP. I have three other monitors sitting on my desk (because I’m an over-achiever) and my MBP looks better than any of them. Still, people love to have a choice, and it’s good to see that Apple is listening. If you read through the description, you can see that they aren’t exactly trying to sell you on this option. They describe the glossy display as one that “lets you view graphics, photos and videos with richer colors and deeper blacks.” They don’t bother saying anything about the antiglare screen other than the fact that it is optional.

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