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Astak Debuts 5-inch Pocket PRO eBook Reader

Astak Debuts 5-inch Pocket PRO eBook Reader

Astak Pocket PRO eBook Reader (Image courtesy Astak)
By Andrew Liszewski

As new eBook readers continue to flood the market, it’s hard to weed out which ones actually have a shot at competing with Amazon’s Kindle or Sony’s reader. But the new 5-inch Pocket PRO from Astak certainly warrants my endorsement, at least on paper. With a 5-inch, 8-level grayscale screen and a price tag of just $199 it’s definitely being targeted towards the low-end market, but it also supports over 20 different open file formats, and more importantly appears to be extra PDF-friendly.

Poor PDF support has been my major complaint with the Kindle and Sony’s reader, particularly when it comes to dealing with documents larger than the screen’s native resolution. But the Pocket PRO includes PDF reflow making those oversized docs a little easier to read on its 5-inch screen. Other features include text-to-speech that CAN’T be remotely disabled from what I can tell, MP3 support, 512MB of onboard storage plus an SD card slot and an expected ship date of late August.

[ PR – Astak’s 5-Inch Pocket PRO eBook Reader Collaborates With Adobe Systems and Makes Its Debut ] VIA [ i4U News ]