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HotCans Provide A Hot Meal Anywhere

HotCans Provide A Hot Meal Anywhere


By Chris Scott Barr

Have you ever been out hiking and gotten stranded? I can’t say that I have, but I can only imagine that it would not be a fun ordeal. One problem you’ll no doubt run into if unprepared would be finding food. I’ve never attempted to forage for food, and really wouldn’t know where to begin. The smart move is to pack some kind of food in with your hiking gear. If you’re really smart, you might pack these HotCans.

These cans come in three flavors (Beef Casserole, Sausage and Beans, and Vegetable Chili) and heat up of their own accord. Just remove the lid, pop a few holes and wait for the steam to start rising. Who knows how tasty the meals are, but if you’re unable to get a fire going, any hot meal is going to be awesome. At $8 a can they are a bit expensive, but when you’re not hiking they would go nicely in your fallout shelter.

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