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Tiny Drive Holds 16GB And Reads Your MicroSD Cards

Tiny Drive Holds 16GB And Reads Your MicroSD Cards


By Chris Scott Barr

Once in a while, the size of technology just amazes me. Flash drives were awesome when they first came out, because it was a storage drive about the size of a keychain. Inevitably those have shrank until they’re smaller than the USB connector itself. Well here’s a new one that is rediculously small, and manages to somehow pack in a card reader to boot.

This tiny little USB device will read your MicroSD cards, and hold a whopping 16GB at the same time. I’m pretty sure the only reason there is a plastic bit is so that you have something to grab when you want to remove it. This would be perfect for a netbook, you could insert it and forget about it. Of course that small size and high capacity doesn’t come cheap. The 16GB version will set you back around $160, though you could settle for a 4GB version for just $35.

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