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Stuff Your iPod Nano Into A Cassette Tape Case

Stuff Your iPod Nano Into A Cassette Tape Case


By Chris Scott Barr

Oh the mighty cassette tape, how do you continue to be relevant in this digital age? Back in the 90’s I had a decent little collection of cassettes, most of which were mixes recorded either from other people’s tapes or off the radio. For those too young to have done it, trying to record songs off the radio was a huge pain, and usually resulted in the first few seconds of the songs getting cut off. Thankfully we don’t have to mess with such things these days thanks to our iPods and such. If you’re still partial to the retro look of an old cassette tape, why not stuff your iPod into one and use it as a protective case?

While that might seem like too much effort than it’s worth, the people at Contexture Design have already done it for you. They’ve taken a bunch of old cassettes and gutted, routered and otherwise rebuilt them to house your 4th generation iPod nano. It looks as though you’ll still be able to access all of the controls, just like any other good case. One of these is going to set you back around $40, so unless you really miss the 80’s/90’s, this is probably more expensive than it’s worth.

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