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Gaiser High End PCs Can Cost More Than A New Car

Gaiser High End PCs Can Cost More Than A New Car


By David Ponce

It’ll never cease to amaze us how crafty some people are at separating others from their money. In this particular case, Gaiser High End PCs seems to make a line of computers that don’t do much more than cover themselves up in precious or semi precious materials to better justify your spending obscene amounts of money. While adorning themselves in anything from 24 carat gold leaf to what looks like Swarovski crystals, these PCs can fetch up to $32,300. At that price, those crystals very well may be actual diamonds… though one has to ask how necessary it really is to put diamonds on a PC case. Our understanding is these items exist for the sole purpose of showing to your other rich friends just how much wealthier than them you are. Then again (and not to get too philosophical), isn’t this the very definition of luxury?

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