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Dock Extender – For People With Unnecessarily Bulky iPhone Cases

Dock Extender – For People With Unnecessarily Bulky iPhone Cases


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m pretty confident when I make the generalization that most people probably have a case for their iPhones. I don’t blame them, since if you’re going to drop a couple hundred bucks on something that can be easily damaged, it’s only smart to try and protect it. I never said that I was a genius, so don’t be surprised when I don’t lump myself in with the other iPhone users. I don’t really like dealing with cases, as I prefer my nice slim phone. Those that do have some of the bulkier cases might have found issues when trying to use their phone on certain docks. If you’re one of those people, then you might want to check this out.

The Cable Jive Dock Extender is basically a cord with a male and female iPhone dock connector. One end goes into the phone, the other connects to your dock. Sure, setting your phone next to your speakers (or whatever your particular dock does) isn’t as sleek as setting it in there, but it’s probably easier than removing your case every single time. You can pick one up for about $26. Or you can just find a new case that works with your dock. Personally, I’d go with the latter.

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