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Smart Measure Takes The Measuring Cup Into The 21st Century


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m no master chef, but I can whip up a half-decent meal or snack in the kitchen. One thing I’ve discovered that I have a great eye for is pouring things into a liquid measuring cup. It seems like something trivial, but nine times out of ten I can pour the exact amount needed without staying eye-level with the cup while pouring. Being able to do that can make things go just a little quicker when cooking or baking. If you don’t have quite the same eye for pouring things, here’s a little gadget that can help.

This Smart Measure cup has an LCD screen that tells you exactly how much liquid is currently in the cup. You can even program it to beep when a specific amount of liquid has been poured in. The cup can even be removed for washing, so you don’t ruin the LCD screen. If you spend a lot of time measuring liquids, this could be an invaluable tool. No word on pricing, but it should be available sometime this fall.

[ Yanko ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]