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MouseBlister – That’s Right, Cover Your Mouse In Rubber Blisters

MouseBlister – That’s Right, Cover Your Mouse In Rubber Blisters


By Chris Scott Barr

I can’t honestly count the number of mice I’ve gone through in the last 5 years or so. Sometimes I get new ones to review, other times I just buy one because I think it’ll end up being better than whatever I’m currently using. However, I still usually end up coming back to the same old Logitech wireless mouse that I’ve had for 5 years. The reason? It’s just more comfortable than the rest. Comfort should be the most important factor in a mouse, which is exactly why I would never dream of buying this MouseBlister.

These strange-looking rubber bits you see attached to that perfectly good mouse are what make up the MouseBlister. They are apparently crafted from motorcycle grips to be the most comfortable things out there. The company claims that it will reduce CTS symptoms and minimize the long-term wear and tear on a person’s hand. For $9 you get 25 of those little pads. Or you could just buy a mouse that’s comfortable to use instead of padding a crappy one.

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