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The Equalizer Ensures Perfectly-Sliced Pizza Every Time

The Equalizer Ensures Perfectly-Sliced Pizza Every Time


By Chris Scott Barr

There are many different ways to slice a pizza, probably even more than ways to skin a cat. Come to think of it, who skins cats? Anyway, it’s rare that you’ll actually end up with slices that are all equal in size. With four (or more) cuts, you’re not going to get them perfect. Most people could really care less, but if you’re a perfectionist, here’s a pizza cutter just for you.

The aptly-named Equalizer Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter chops up your pie into 8 perfect slices each and every time. Unless you don’t get it centered, then they’ll all be off slightly and you’ll have to start over and make a new pizza. Honestly, I think most people can do just fine without this thing. However, if you’re anal enough to care about perfectly-sliced pizza, then by all means, drop $190-$250 on one of these (depending on the size).

[ Abest Kitchen ] VIA [ Book of Joe ]

  • marc3565

    Not sure who would buy this…
    A pizza place can't use it. It would hold peices of the pie you cut and leave them on the next pie if you don't clean between each pie. No way a pizza place has that kind of time. An experience cook can cut a pie pretty well very quickly with a standard cutter.
    At that price point I can't see many people buying it for personal use.

  • mcman

    “Come to think of it, who skins cats?”

    Young aspiring serial killers.

  • blairf_felgenheimer

    But just think how cool you'll look at a picnic when you shove a watermelon thru it at full speed.

  • TJ Seitenbach

    I used to work at a pizza place that had a couple of these. The only thing we used them for was the pizzas we made for area schools. Since all you've got there is pepperoni or cheese, it doesn't matter if a little bit is stuck and gets on the next pizza. Just use the right one for the right pizza.

    Only problem, is it REALLY hurts your hand after cutting the first 80 or 90 pizzas.

    (Our contract with the school district required the use of a device like this, in order to assure that students buying pizza by the slice all got a fair cut. No pun intended.)

  • maxtex54

    pizza hut still my preferred place to get pizza. It just rocks!