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QwicKey – Another USB Credit Card Swiper

QwicKey – Another USB Credit Card Swiper

QwicKey (Image courtesy PC Magazine)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not a fan of storing my credit card info with any of the online stores I frequent, though I can see the convenience of doing so. At this point I’ve just got my card number and other details memorized (expiration date etc.) but the QwicKey seems like a decent alternative for those who don’t trust their memory. It’s a USB card swiper that can be used to autofill credit card forms with just a swipe of your card. Convenient! But it also comes with custom software and it’s own security card that can be used to store and protect everything from login and password info to personal data for automatically filling out other types of contact forms and even bookmarked sites.

The card reader itself sells for just $49.95 but that includes a 1-year subscription to the company’s online service which gives you secure access to all of your data no matter what computer you’re using. After that the yearly fee is $29.95 plus another $29.95 for any additional users/profiles you want to add. And you were worried about some hacker robbing you.

[ QwicKey ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]