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Condition Your Kids For Space Travel With Spaceball

Condition Your Kids For Space Travel With Spaceball


By Chris Scott Barr

When I was a kid, we had one of those giant trampolines in our back yard. Looking back I’m almost amazed at how entertained I was by the simple act of jumping up and down for a few hours. Granted, it was more fun with two people, because then you could bounce higher. However, someone has gone and attempted to make trampolines even more fun than they already are. Not only is Spaceball supposed to be fun, apparently it’s also good conditioning for space travel.

That last statement comes from Scott Carpenter, one of NASA’s Mercury Seven astronauts. I’m guessing it probably applies to most trampolines, but I digress. Spaceball is a game played by two people (under 200lbs each) and you appear to throw a ball through a small tunnel at the other person. I’m sure it could be fun, until the ball gets knocked into the yard, which it will. Over and over. The game is pretty expensive too, ringing in at $700. Honestly, I think it might sell better if they changed the name to “Spaceballs the Trampoline Game.”

Side Note: Props to whoever did the awesome Photoshop job on those kids. Nothing says “no one wants to use our product” quite like having to paste people into the picture.

[ Hammacher Schlemmer ] VIA [ Dvice ]