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Video: Why Touchscreens Are The Future Of Strategy Gaming

By Evan Ackerman

We’ve long extolled the virtues of Microsoft Surface even as its $10k pricetag and lack of consumer availability have kept it firmly in the realm of fantasy for the average gamer. But this, right here, is why Surface and hardware like it needs to hurry up and turn into a product… Strategy gaming on this kind of thing looks absolutely incredible. Granted, this particular game (R.U.S.E., it’s called) is particularly well suited for this type of interface, but I can easily imagine playing Red Alert or StarCraft with nearly the same level of interactivity and control.

For the record, the device you see in the video is not a Microsoft Surface table, it’s from a company called IntuiLab. Not that it matters, though… Whoever can come up with a reasonably priced consumer product and bundle it with a bunch of optimized RTS games gets my next paycheck. I mean, paychecks.

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