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Stirr Lends An Extra Hand In The Kitchen

Stirr Lends An Extra Hand In The Kitchen


By Chris Scott Barr

Over the last couple of years I’ve started to really learn how to cook. Sure I could make some simple stuff before, but now I can pull off a 5-course meal. I never really appreciated how hard my mom worked every night cooking until I learned to do it myself. Sometimes it seems like you need an extra arm or two just to get everything done. Well here’s a little gadget that can take one of the tasks off your hands.

The Stirr is a small battery powered stirrer. You just set it in a pan of whatever you’re cooking, turn it on and it’ll keep things stirred up until you’re ready for them. This would be great for soups, gravy, sauce and any number of other things. For around $25, you really can’t go wrong here.

[ Lakeland ] VIA [ Dvice ]