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Solar Powered Pool Skimmer Cleans Your Pool So You Don’t Have to

Solar Powered Pool Skimmer Cleans Your Pool So You Don’t Have to


By Chris Scott Barr

When I was about 12, my parents decided to finally get a pool for all of us. I remembered being so excited when they finally got it put in, however, it wasn’t long before I realized how much work went into keeping that thing clean. I still think that I probably spent more time cleaning it than just enjoying the darn thing. Well for all of the people out there that don’t have children to do all of their cleaning for them, there is a cool little robot that can help out with at least one of the chores.

The Solar Powered Pool Skimmer does just exactly what you think it would. It simply motors its way around your pool, skimming leaves and other debris so as to leave it looking nice and clean. The Skimmer gets around using dual paddle wheels, along with four wheels on its corners to make sure it never gets stuck. The best part is that it’s solar powered, meaning you never have to worry about recharging it. It even will navigate around the pool to find the most ideal charging spot when it needs some juice. The worst part is the $500 price tag.

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