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Modem Mate External Antenna Uses Inductive Coupling To Boost Your 3G Data Signal


By Chris Scott Barr

Having a 3G card can really be handy if you’re on the road a lot. Unfortunately some places don’t get the best coverage. Thankfully many cards have a port to connect an external antenna, which can significantly boost your signal. But what if your’s doesn’t have such a port? In that case, you get a Modem Mate external antenna.

This cool antenna has an adapter that clips onto your 3G card and couples inductively with the internal antenna. That allows you to boost the signal by up to 2 dBi, which should hopefully get you that extra speed to get things done. The antenna itself can clip on the top of your laptop’s screen, where it will likely get the best reception. If you’re a road warrior that needs to squeeze every bit of bandwidth out of your 3G data card, then this might be $56 well spent.

[ Nova Media ] VIA [ Electronista ]