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Samsung S9110 Watchphone

Samsung S9110 Watchphone

Samsung S9110 (Image courtesy Samsung Hub)
By Andrew Liszewski

LG showed off their ‘wearable’ GD910 watchphone at CES earlier this year, but given the choice I would most definitely opt for the thinner S9110 watchphone that Samsung just announced. Now it’s easy to boast that you have the world’s thinnest watchphone when there are really just 2 contenders on the market, but the S9110 looks even more svelte than the Casio Databanks I used to wear as a kid.

The watch features a 1.76-inch touchscreen (176×220 pixel resolution) covered with scratch-resistant glass as well as Bluetooth 2.1, a speakerphone, voice recognition (all rather vital to a watchphone) as well as email with Outlook sync support. It will set you back a whopping $638, though hopefully that will be reduced with carrier subsidies.

[ Samsung Hub – Samsung unveils world’s thinnest watchphone – S9110 ] VIA [ MobileCrunch ]


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