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PlugLock Keeps Massive Transformers From Coming Unplugged

PlugLock Keeps Massive Transformers From Coming Unplugged

PlugLock-PFP (Images courtesy Furman Sound)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not only are massive ‘wall wart’ transformers a pain in the butt to squeeze onto a standard power strip, but they’re so heavy they have the tendency to fall out by themselves, severing your gear’s power source. So the PlugLock power strip solves that problem with a simple innovation. Each of the five generously spaced plugs can accommodate even the largest of transformers, and they all feature a dedicated clamp which can be adjusted to securely ‘lock’ the transformers in place. It’s also rated for 15 Amps, comes with a heavy-duty 5 foot, 14 AWG extension cord and is available from various online retailers for about $45.

[ Furman Sound PlugLock-PFP ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]


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