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Remember Tapes And MiniDiscs? JVC Does

Remember Tapes And MiniDiscs? JVC Does

JVC RC-A2 (Images courtesy JVC Japan)
By Andrew Liszewski

Given the number of people still using old audio formats like cassette tapes, compact discs and MiniDiscs is shrinking every day, it makes sense that JVC would create the RC-A2 which is kind of like a catch-all device for those dying formats. It basically lets them target every group who’ve deemed MP3s an inferior audio format. From what I can tell, the RC-A2 can be used to transfer or ‘dub’ music between the recordable formats like audio tape and MiniDiscs, and the JVC site even boasts about a feature called ‘Sound Lifter’ which seems to direct the audio depending on if the listener is sitting or standing near the stereo.

[ JVC RC-A2 ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]


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