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Nixie Tubes Are Caffeine-Laced Pixy Stix

Nixie Tubes Are Caffeine-Laced Pixy Stix


By Chris Scott Barr

Remember Pixy Stix? Man, just one of the jumbo stix was enough to keep me bouncing off the walls for a while. As an adult, sugar just doesn’t have quite the same kick that it used to. Luckily candy has evolved and brought us Nixie Tubes.

Nixie Tubes very much resemble the classic Pixie Stix, with one minor upgrade. Each tube has 100mg of caffeine, or about 20% more than your standard cup of Joe. A pack of five tubes is going to run you around $9, which is a bit pricey for candy. If you’re in a pinch and need a quick (and tasty) pick-me-up, then one of these might just do the trick.

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