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NDS Lite ‘Blaze’ Game Selector

NDS Lite ‘Blaze’ Game Selector

NDS Lite 'Blaze' Game Selector (Image courtesy Superufo)
By Andrew Liszewski

The easiest way to carry a handful of NDS games with you is to use one of the many ‘less than legal’ flash carts currently available. But we all know that Nintendo frowns on such devices, even if you’re only running games you’ve actually purchased. So the ‘Blaze’ Game Selector available from Superufo for just $13.42 is unfortunately the next best thing. It’s a rather clunky accessory that piggybacks on the DS’s top screen and allows you to carry and switch between 3 DS lite carts at the flick of a switch. While it’s cheap and probably works as advertised, I just can’t see why anyone would ever opt for something as ridiculous as this.

[ NDS Lite ‘Blaze’ Game Selector ] VIA [ Technabob ]


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