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Last Week On BotJunkie

Last Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

Last week on BotJunkie, we revved things up with a video of a transforming motorcycle robot with an attitude, had just a little bit of trouble telling the difference between a robot and a human, hungered for customized ramen noodle soup made by a robot, could barely see the world’s smallest wheeled robot with a gripper, met Sega’s new Dream Cat Venus robotic feline replacement, learned how Willow Garage’s PR2 robot managed to plug itself in to an electrical outlet, saw a prototype robot bat, fantasized about what we’d do with a 15 ton robot grapple arm controlled with a Wiimote, cashed in our 401ks to buy 196 robot shirts, saw some robot soccer videos from RoboCup 2009, got a little bit choked up over a robot tribute to Michael Jackson, watched a team of soccer robots score a goal against a team of humans, found out about a robot that’s deigned to clean up water pollution, watched a home built UAV launching rockets, desperately wanted our own fighting robot space cock, and of course, finished off the week with a Bot With Stuff, which you can catch right after the jump.

So far this week, we’ve posted about a thirsty hexaferretpod, snake robots from Carnegie Mellon, a rolling orbital Bluetooth operated thing made with LEGO, and Penbo, a robot penguin for girls.

Enjoy the Bot With Stuff, and then come check us out.


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