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EcoBlast Rechargable Air Horn Is Like A Super Soaker For Sound

EcoBlast Rechargable Air Horn (Image courtesy Things You Never Knew Existed) By Andrew Liszewski

With the EcoBlast Rechargable Air Horn not only do you have an economical way to scare the crap out of your roommates at the crack of dawn, but it’s environmentally friendly too! Like the Super Soaker, the EcoBlast uses a plastic tank that can be refilled, with air in this case, from a bike pump or air compressor using a standard valve.

The volume on the air horn is adjustable too, with it maxing out at around 115 dB, and on a single ‘charge’ you can expect to get over 70 blasts. So if you’ve always wanted to be ‘that guy’ at the baseball stadium you can order one from Things You Never Knew Existed for $29.98.

[ Ecoblaster Rechargable Air Horn ] VIA [ Craziest Gadgets ]

  • Rio Gaul

    dimana saya bisa dapatkan horn ecoblast ini.tolong infonya thanks.

  • Rio Gaul

    di mana saya bisa dapatkan horn signal ecoblast ini..tolong infonya segera. thanks