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Black & White Clock


By Chris Scott Barr

It seems like everyone and their brother has designed a clock of some sort. I can’t go more than a couple of days without seeing a new one popping up somewhere, so I usually try to limit my coverage to the cool and unusual. The Black & White Clock is definitely both.

The clock consists of four separate OLED digits, which are individually powered and controlled. You then attach them to a wall, and they will display the time. They include a light sensor, so that the normally black digits can light up when the room is dark. It really looks like a cool concept, and the designer is currently looking for a manufacturer, so hopefully we’ll see this one on the market someday.

[ Kibardindesign ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

  • Luis Alfredo Sanchez Ahumada


  • Luis Alfredo Sanchez Ahumada

    Chido diseño!

  • mkechaz


  • anonyname

    Cool. I'd buy it.

  • jennifermorehead

    I will soooo buy it!

  • jennifermorehead

    I will soooo buy it!