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New DoCoMo Femtocell Lets Parents Keep Tabs On Their Kids

New DoCoMo Femtocell Lets Parents Keep Tabs On Their Kids


By Chris Scott Barr

When you were a kid, how many times did you get home a little late when your parents weren’t home, but lied and told them you were on time? Or perhaps you snuck out, then back in late at night. Fess up, I’m sure that you did it at least once. Well it seems that some parents may be able to keep track of just when exactly their children arrived home. Oddly enough, it comes in the form of a femtocell.

DoCoMo has announced a new femtocell that not only helps your cell phones maintain a great signal while you’re at home, but it also can send out notifications when a phone has entered the area. Essentially, the parents could set it up to get an email every time their child came home. Seems like an interesting idea, until the kid figures out that he can flood his parents inbox by going in and out of the range of the device over and over. Come to think of it, that’s probably the first thing I’d do in protest.

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