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TV-B-Gone Just Got A Lot Smaller

TV-B-Gone Just Got A Lot Smaller


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m sure that everyone remembers the TV-B-Gone. It’s the little device that can turn almost any television on and off at the push of a button. While it was just a fun little toy, I think that it was made infamous by a certain other tech blog’s shenanigans at last year’s CES. Well the original was a bit bulky and conspicuous, so one enterprising hacker decided to shrink it down. The result is a device with the exact same capabilities that’s smaller than your thumb.

While I don’t think I’d ever walk around a giant electronics show shutting off random TVs at will, this does give me some ideas. With a device that small, you could likely setup some sort of automatic timer, so that it goes off in 10-second intervals or so. Now disguise it in such a way that it can be carried around with only the LED showing. Sure, your battery probably wouldn’t last too terribly long, but it would make those trips to Best Buy far more entertaining.

VIA [ Hack a Day ]


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