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Spy Camera Keychain – Why Do You Keep Sticking Your Keys In My Face?

JTT Spy Camera Keychain (Image courtesy Geek Stuff 4 U)
By Andrew Liszewski

I doubt anyone will realize this innocuous-looking keychain is actually capable of recording 640×480, 29fps videos or 1280×960 stills while it’s hanging from your keys. But something tells me they might get suspicious when you’re constantly holding it at weird angles trying to get the lens pointed in the right direction. The keychain’s got 4GB of internal memory, which is enough to store 65 minutes of video or about 3,000 photos from the 1.3MP CMOS sensor, and it charges and syncs to your PC via a simple USB cable. However, I think the $177 price tag from Geek Stuff 4 U is a bit steep.

[ Key Holder Spy Camera ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

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