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Didget Blood Glucose Meter Works With The Nintendo DS

Didget Blood Glucose Meter Works With The Nintendo DS

Didget (Image courtesy Bayer Health Care)
By Andrew Liszewski

As the story goes, Paul Wessel noticed that his diabetic son Luke was always misplacing his blood glucose meter, though he never had any trouble finding his Game Boy. So Paul worked with pharmaceutical giant Bayer to develop the Didget which is a blood glucose meter that connects to the Nintendo DS and DS Lite systems. (It requires the slot 2 port so unfortunately it’s not DSi-friendly.)

It works like a standard blood glucose meter, you prick your finger and then insert the blood-soaked paper strip into the reader, but the test results are converted into reward points that kids can use to unlock new levels and items inside the Didget NDS game. The basic idea is to reward kids who regularly check their blood sugar levels which hopefully helps them develop good testing habits in the future.

According to the Didget website, the device will sell for about $50, though since it’s actually a UK-based site, there’s no word on if or when this will be available in North America.

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