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The Anti-Paparazzi Purse

The Anti-Paparazzi Purse


By Chris Scott Barr

Being the big-time professional blogger that I am means that I have to deal with being famous. I mean, I can’t hardly walk down the street without getting bombarded by paparazzi. While that may be a slight exaggeration on my part, there are real celebrities out there that have to deal with that sort of thing on a regular basis. There’s really very little you can do to deter those shutter-happy photographers from blinding celebs with their flash. Thankfully technology may soon give them a helpful tool.

This new purse concept is rather simple. It houses a small LED flash that can detect bright sources of light. When it senses a camera flash, it kicks on its own bright flash to compensate. This will then cause the picture to come out with a large white area where the subject should be. It works at 1/125 shutter speed, which should be fast enough to blind cameras shooting at slower speeds for night shots.

[ AHProjects ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]


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