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Spy Shaver Camera DVR

Spy Shaver Camera DVR

Spy Shaver Camera DVR (Image courtesy Omejo)By Andrew Liszewski

I have to agree with the chaps at the Red Ferret Journal when it comes to this Spy Shaver Camera. No one on Earth, not even a bona fide spy, has any use for a video camera hidden inside a razer.

Seriously though, are you going to whip this thing out in the middle of a confidential meeting and start subtly shaving so that no one suspects you’re videotaping the proceedings? Or maybe you’ll fool the ushers at the local cinema into thinking that you aren’t actually trying to make a pirate copy of Transformers 2, but just felt that your 5 o’clock shadow had to go right then and there? I mean the Omejo website even has the audacity to say this thing is ideal for CIA agents, spy agencies and the police.

Anyways, the razer captures video at 640×480 to an AVI file and can continuously record to its 4GB of on-board flash memory until it’s full. The rechargeable battery is supposedly good for about 7-8 hours, though it’s not mentioned if that includes time spent shaving, or even if the razer portion actually works. (I assume not.)

The best part though is that this thing will set you back a ridiculous $240.

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