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Erase-o-Matic Is The Costly Way To Destroy Data

Erase-o-Matic Is The Costly Way To Destroy Data


By Chris Scott Barr

Are you one of the paranoid people out there that’s deathly afraid of someone recovering data off an old CD or hard drive? Sure, if you store sensitive financial records, you aren’t really going to want to just chuck it out without so much as a format. However, you probably won’t need to go so far as to purchase a special tool for destroying all of the data. If you’re bound and determined to obtain such a device, then let me introduce you to the Erase-o-Matic.

This little sucker is going to get rid of your data for good. Rather than physically destroying the media, it uses powerful magnetic waves to do the dirty work. All you have to do is slide your disc, tape or any other magnetic media through the device and toss it in the trash. Since it uses Rare-Earth Magnets, it doesn’t have any need for electricity, which is great, I guess.  So how much will this thing set you back? Just $400. Now you might think that is a rather high price, but you’re wrong. It’s bigger brother (which is needed if you want to destroy your computer’s hard drive) has the really high price, which is $1,500.

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