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In The Hundred Acre Woods This Winnie The Pooh Mobile Phone Is As Good As It Gets

Winnie The Pooh Mobile Phone (Images courtesy 2dayBlog)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the hundred acre woods might seem like a fun place to live (Tiggers are a wonderful thing afterall) gadget fans might want to think twice because this Winnie the Pooh themed mobile phone is pretty much your only option. For about $120 you get a dual SIM, quad-band phone that supposedly has a yellow finish just like Winnie, even though the product shots tell a different story. It’s also got a basic multimedia player, a 2-inch LCD display revealed via its clamshell design, an FM radio and a 1.3 MP camera with the lens cleverly hidden in Pooh’s nose.

[ Winnie The Pooh Dual SIM Card Phone ] VIA [ 2dayBlog ]