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Bushnell Golf FXi Weather Forecaster

Bushnell Golf FXi Weather Forecaster

Bushnell Golf FXi Weather Forecaster (Image courtesy Uncrate)
By Andrew Liszewski

Everything I know about golf I learned from the movie Caddy Shack, so while inclement weather can possibly lead to the best round of your life, there’s also the very real chance of something terrible happening while wandering around with what is essentially a bag full of lightning rods. So before you head out on the links, you’ll want to make sure the weather’s going to play nice for 18 holes, and that’s where the Bushnell Golf FXi enters the picture. It receives constant weather updates for over 16,000 golf courses in the U.S. via a wireless USB transmitter attached to an internet-equipped PC, and displays them on its monochrome LCD.

The weather data itself is provided by and includes everything from current, RealFeel and forecasted high and low temps, morning, afternoon and evening forecasts for up to 3 days, the UV index and even wind speed and direction. And as an added touch, the backlight on the display changes color to reflect the current temperature of your selected course so you can easily get an idea of the conditions at a quick glance. It’s a nice gift idea for a golf nut I suppose, but for $124.99 it’s kind of an expensive unitasker.

[ Bushnell Golf FXi Weather Forecaster ] VIA [ Uncrate ]


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