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Windows 7 Pricing Revealed, Plus Pre-Order Discount!

Windows 7 Pricing Revealed, Plus Pre-Order Discount!


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve been running Windows 7 on two different machines since RC1 was released, and I’ve been happy with it thus far. I’ll definitely be buying a full license when they become available on October 22nd. Just how much will the different versions set me back? Well Microsoft finally gave up the details and I’ve got the full list below.

  • Home Premium (Full) – $199.99
  • Home Premium (Upgrade) – $119.99
  • Professional (Full) – $299.99
  • Professional (Upgrade) – $199.99
  • Ultimate (Full) – $319.99
  • Ultimate (Upgrade) – $219.99

The prices (mostly) fall in line with their Vista equivalents. Sure, it’s still pretty expensive to upgrade, but you’re in luck. Starting today through July 11th (in the US only) you can pre-order the Home Premium upgrade for $50 or the Professional upgrade for just $100.

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