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Google Purchases 1 Million Numbers For Voice Service

Google Purchases 1 Million Numbers For Voice Service


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m a huge fan of Google Voice, which was previously known as GrandCentral. I was an early adopter to the service, so I’m one of the lucky few that actually managed to snag a number. If you’re not familiar, Google Voice gives you a number that conveniently forwards to any phones you would like. It includes features like sending/receiving text messages, transcribing voicemails and more. The only downside to the service is that they haven’t given out new numbers in a very long time.

While Google hasn’t yet announced their plans to start handing out, we do have news that the search giant has secured 1 million new numbers from Level 3 (which is whom they’ve previously purchased numbers from). There’s little doubt that Google will soon start sending out invitations. It’s (currently) a free service, so if you’re interested, I’d head over to their site and get registered.

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