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Men’s Health Offers iPhone Workout App

Men’s Health Offers iPhone Workout App

By Shane McGlaun

Getting in shape isn’t always a chore. Well for me it’s pretty much a chore, but at least we can use some of our gadgets to help get the job done. One of the best gadgets for getting fit is the iPhone; there are tons of apps that you can use for all sorts of health needs.

The latest get fit app for the iPhone comes from Men’s Health. The app is called Men’s Health Workouts and it sells for $1.99 with 18 exclusive workouts included and over 125 different exercises. The exercises are compiled from some of the world’s top strength and fitness coaches, athletes, and fitness experts.

Each workout offered in the app provides step-by-step instructions, photos, and logging functions along with a one of a kind circuit-training interface. The program is also OS 3.0 compatible and offers new groups of workouts that can be purchased directly from within the app itself.

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