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Babyglow Garment Changes Color When Your Baby Is Running A Fever

Babyglow Garment Changes Color When Your Baby Is Running A Fever


By Chris Scott Barr

I like to think that I’m pretty good when it comes to troubleshooting computers. I’ve spent enough of my time solving error code mysteries and translating beep codes to know what’s up. However, when it comes to babies I’ll admit to being practically clueless. When they start crying it could mean any number of things. Sure, if they smell like poo then they probably need changed, past that I’m lost. Well thanks to a breakthrough in infant clothing, you’ll be able to tell if the child is running a fever just by looking at them.

The new Babyglow clothes contain a special ink pigment which are heat-sensitive. The clothes come in pink, blue and pastel green, however, once the baby’s temperature gets above 37c they turn white. Sure, you could probably feel that the baby is a bit warm and take their temperature, but some new parents might not know how warm is too warm, or any other number of factors could come into play. These clothes take out the guesswork and allow parents to rest just a little easier. You will be able to purchase these later this year for around $35 a pack.

VIA [ Dailymail ]