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Outlet Wall Looks Awesome, Is Impractical

Outlet Wall Looks Awesome, Is Impractical


By Chris Scott Barr

I have enough devices in my home entertainments center to fill up an entire 12-port surge protector. While not everyone has a dozen devices to hook up, it can be a pain to get everything plugged in as it should be. Plus there’s never an outlet where you need it, right? Well here’s an interesting concept, fill your entire wall with outlets!

I’m no electrician, but I can imagine that this is a fire hazard waiting to happen. Not to mention dangerous for small children to be around. However, you have to admit that it looks pretty damn cool. With so many outlets, at first glance it just looks like the person has fancy wallpaper. Then again you could always fill most of the area with false plates if you just wanted the look. Of course that would defeat most of the purpose in the first place.

[ Ironic Sans ] VIA [ Dvice ]