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Mobidapter USB Flash Drive Adapter For Mobile Phones

Mobidapter (Images courtesy Elan & iostore)
By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of having to connect your mobile phone and a USB flash drive to a PC in order to transfer files between the two, the Mobidapter lets you do it directly, as long as your phone has an external SD. It includes adapters for full size SD card slots as well as microSD and miniSD, and it will read any USB flash drive with a capacity of 32GB or less. Power is leeched from the cellphone’s battery, and the actual copying procedures are handled by the phone’s file browser, with the device simply showing up as a USB flash drive. (Though that could vary depending on the OS.)

The Mobidapter will set you back about $46, but it seems like a dead easy way to backup or upload multimedia content to your phone without the hassle of booting up a PC.

[ Mobidapter ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]