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TomTom Lets You Take Directions From Homer Simpson

TomTom Lets You Take Directions From Homer Simpson


By Chris Scott Barr

I think my favorite thing about having a TomTom GPS unit is that there are so many different voice skins available for it. I mean, who really wants to listen to a half-robotic sounding guy or girl give them directions all day? If I wanted that I could just get married. (zing!) Having a voice that you’re comfortable with seems to make the trip more enjoyable. And who better to give you directions than the world’s greatest cartoon dad. Homer Simpson.

I’m actually quite surprised that no one thought of this sooner. Either way, you can now purchase the Homer Simpson voice skin for your TomTom GPS device. He’ll give you colorful directions like “take the third right. We might find an ice cream truck! Mmm…ice cream.” The skin will set you back around $13. For now I’ll stick to my Eddie Izzard voice, it’s hilarious.

[ TomTom ] VIA [ SlipperyBrick ]