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Build Your Own Trashy Telsa Coil

Build Your Own Trashy Telsa Coil


By Chris Scott Barr

Telsa coils are just plain cool. Of course they’re not usually the sort of thing that you just put together in your garage one day. Or are they? One man decided to go raiding a few dumpsters and looking through his garage for the necessary parts. He managed to find them, and make a pretty decent little Telsa coil. Here’s a rundown of what he used:

  • Primary power source:  Small neon sign transformer
  • Discharge capacitor:  High-voltage television capacitors
  • Spark gap: Pair of 1/4-in. bolts and nuts
  • Primary coil:  Lamp shade and electric cord from a humidifier
  • Secondary coil:  Cardboard tube and microwave fan wire
  • Secondary grounding:  Metal spike pounded into the ground
  • Torroid:  Two stovetop grease catcher pans
  • Chokes:  Two Bic pens and wire from a RC car tossed away

Naturally, as with any DIY project like this, you’re going to want to be really careful. I’d advise looking through the instructions that the guy posted so as to get everything right.

[ Trashy Telsa Coil ] VIA [ Technabob ]


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