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How Did The DTV Switch Go?

How Did The DTV Switch Go?


By Chris Scott Barr

It’s Monday, which means most people are back at work and not very happy about it. How was your weekend? Did you notice anything different when you turned on your TV? A bit of snow perhaps? Something tells me that you guys were smart enough to either upgrade your TV or buy a converter box. Or maybe you were like me and just ditched broadcast TV completely. With Hulu and other streaming services, there’s really nothing for broadcast television to offer me.

So did the switchover affect any of you? Surprisingly I didn’t get a single phone call from a friend or relative who was having issues. Even my great-grandparents had everything squared-away months ago. While I didn’t get any calls, the federal hotline for the DTV switch received over 700,000 calls. These ranged from questions about the coupons, reception issues to people that didn’t know how to operate their boxes. Most of the calls were resolved by having people simply re-scan the channels. Did any of you run into these issues, or get calls from relatives?

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