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Levitron Revolution Helps Your Stuff Levitate, Revolve

Levitron Revolution Helps Your Stuff Levitate, Revolve


By Evan Ackerman

Somewhere in your house, you have some small object that desperately needs to be levitated. Desperately. Me? I’ve got a single serving box of Cheerios that’s crying out for liftoff. The Levitron Revolution is capable of lifting up to 4 ounces of anything you want. The little bowl on magnetic fields, slowly rotating, illuminated by lighting from the base, forever. Or at least until you shut it off; I’m assuming it’s got an electromagnet in there somewhere. Yeah, you have to put your thing in a special bowl to get it to levitate… A machine capable of levitating small objects (like frogs) sans a magnetic platform is a wee bit more complicated.

Although there’s no specific pricing or availability yet, it should be out sometime before the holidays for (my guess is) somewhere between $50 and $100.

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