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Digital Transition Happens Tomorrow

Digital Transition Happens Tomorrow


By Shane McGlaun

The digital transition finally happens tomorrow. I am looking forward to it because that will mean that those analog airwaves will be available for the wireless companies to start building out that nationwide broadband plan they talked about. I would love to get off my crappy DSL provider and onto a faster network.

The transition was originally supposed to happen back in February but 5.8 million homes weren’t ready for the transition leading President Obama and the government to postpone the transition until tomorrow. Despite the delay, there are still a huge number of homes in America unprepared for the transition.

The Nielsen company reports that 2.8 million homes are still not ready. That means after today the people won’t be able to access TV broadcasts. The company also reports that the most likely homes to be unprepared are predominantly young minority homes. Surprisingly the most ready homes are those of the elderly.

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