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Handheld Emulator Plays Thousands Of Retro Games On The Cheap

Handheld Emulator Plays Thousands Of Retro Games On The Cheap


By Evan Ackerman

We’ve all gotten pretty jaded on video games nowadays. I remember back when I was a kid, my Game Gear kept me endlessly entertained with top notch, high quality games like Tail Spin. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore. If that’s the kind of game you like (and who doesn’t?) ThinkGeek has a handheld emulator system that’s able to play retro video games from systems like the NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Neo-Geo, and even some Capcom arcade systems. And, um, not the Game Gear. Dammit, I want my Tail Spin.

The Pocket Retro Game Emulator has a d-pad, four control buttons, and two shoulder buttons, as well as select and start to make it Konami code compatible. You load in ROMs (which you can find on the internet for free without looking to hard) via a USB cable, and if the 4 gigs of internal memory isn’t enough, it’s expandable with a micro SD card. It’s got a QVGA screen, runs for 6-8 hours on a charge, and also functions as a media player with an FM radio.

All of this awesomeness will only cost you $100, which is dirt dirt cheap considering the amount and variety of games you can cram into this thing. You’d better get on it, though, since ThinkGeek appears to be nearly sold out.

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