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This Weekend: RoboGames

By Evan Ackerman

Over at BotJunkie, we’ve been waiting a year (a year!) for RoboGames, and this weekend, it’s all happening. Men and women, boys and girls from more than 20 countries will be competing in over 70 different events… There’s the combat (from micro-sized to 340 pound) of course, as well as the humanoid events, but I’m particularly looking forward to autonomous competitions and of course the big new event this year: Mech Warfare. We’ll be ringside, taking video. It’s gonna be AWESOME.

For up to the minute pictures and info, you can follow BotJunkie on Twitter. I’ll be Twittering from the event all weekend, and we’ll have oodles of pictures and video next week. Unless I get killed by a rampaging combat robot. Then it might take longer.

The action starts this Friday and runs though Sunday at Fort Mason in San Francisco; buy tickets here… Or if you’re poor like me and you want to get in for free, volunteers are always needed. If you’re interested in that (it’s fun!), email me ([email protected]) and we’ll work something out.

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