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Carcoon Server Shield

Carcoon Server Shield

Carcoon Server Shield (Image courtesy Carcoon) By Andrew Liszewski

Last year I wrote about a product called the CarCapsule which was basically a large inflatable bubble made of PVC you could use to protect an expensive sports car. Well a company out of the UK called Carcoon has a similar product, though they also produce a smaller version designed to protect a server when a clean and temperature controlled server room isn’t available.

The Server Shield inflates to about 6 feet tall, and when placed over top of your server (it seems designed to protect a system mounted in a server rack) gravity keeps it mostly airtight while it’s resting on the floor. A set of 4 small ventilators with filters keep air flowing through the Shield, which helps maintain the temperature inside and keep things clean and dry. There’s also a digital temperature readout on the outside indicating the current temperature inside the Server Shield, and special openings that allow quick access to the computer without having to completely remove the cover.

[ Carcoon Server Shield ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]


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