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New Kindle DX Accessories Offer Screen Protection

New Kindle DX Accessories Offer Screen Protection


By Shane McGlaun

You know, I think the kindle is really cool. I’d like to have one, but I am more of a sci-fi fan and I am not sure if they have any books I would like. The real reason I don’t jump up and buy a Kindle DX is that the dang thing costs $500.

For that much coin it should come pre-loaded with naked girls and at least include a cover to protect the expensive and large screen. Alas, it comes with neither of those things, but M-Edge can help you with protection for the screen. The company has announced two new protective covers for the Kindle DX called the Executive Jacket and the Platform Jacket.

The two protective covers sell for $59.99 each and will ship on June 10. The Executive jacket can be had in real or synthetic leather in several colors and includes a strap to keep the cover closed. The Platform Jacket also comes in real or fake leather and has a built-in stand to keep the Kindle DX upright while you read. Both will support the M-Edge e-Luminator light as well.

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