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Last Week On BotJunkie

Last Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

Last week on BotJunkie, we kicked things off with some cute little papercraft robots from Maker Faire, were absolutely blown away by a giant robot waldo, lusted over a gallery of robots from Maker Faire, pondered an iRobot patent for a dock that offloads dirt from a Roomba, remembered that there are already robot vacuums with docks, admired a bunch of artsy robot animal prints, watched a bunch of robots unsuccessfully challenge humans at soccer, stayed high and dry surfing on a Kuka robot arm, checked out some big mechs from some new movie, didn’t get turned on at all by a robot sex hotline, were impressed by multiple robots that operate with a single brain, watched Willow Garage’s PR2 robot autonomously navigate an office and plug itself in, and finished up the week being very very glad we weren’t a muscly guy getting tazered by a PackBot.

So far this week, we’ve posted about the upcoming consumer robotics revolution, a rat robot called Psikharpax, and the second coming of the Pleo robot dinosaur.

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